TC United roles, tasks, and code of conduct

Mission: Build a strong local youth soccer community

Club purpose

“To foster, teach and advance the game of soccer within the Tompkins County and surrounding area by developing, promoting, and administering the game of soccer among youth up to, and including, the age of 19.

To foster and encourage sportsmanship and leadership by all players and persons involved in soccer.”

Code of conduct

To build a strong soccer community and to foster sportsmanship and leadership, TC United expects everyone involved in our activities to behave in a respectful way and appreciate the enthusiasm and contributions of all soccer participants. We view soccer as a broad, even global, community that transcends any particular location and is inclusive of everyone who wants to participate in youth soccer activities in Tompkins County, New York State West region, and beyond. Demeaning behavior or derogatory language toward any player, parent, coach, or game or league official is not tolerated. In particular, soccer participants should refrain from criticizing decisions by referees or other league officials. Referees and officials are an important part of our soccer family, they are often young, and we want our players and adults to respect referees’ work and expertise independent of their age or level of experience. We will always assume the referees and officials are doing their best.


Coaches lead practices and games for their teams and make all required arrangements to enable practices, games, and general player development. These include (but are not limited to)

- Booking and paying for fields

- Selecting a team manager who is willing to coordinate and communicate with coaches, parents, and club officials (esp. registrar)

- Scheduling practices and games in a timely manner with teams, team managers, assistant coaches, league coordinators and other clubs, and the TC United Field Coordinator during outdoor season

- Providing rosters to team managers immediately after registration is complete.

- Registering for leagues and tournaments before their deadlines.

- Coordinating with league officials about game scheduling and other expectations

- Paying for any league fees and fines

- Checking rosters 5 days before games that enough players are available and that they are all rostered

- Knowing and following all the league rules and regulations.

- Communicating with players and their families in a timely manner about practice and game times (e.g. send out game schedule in the beginning of season; confirm player availability for

games the following weekend on Monday; confirm on Friday if any changes to practice times for the following week).

- Communicating with players and their families about other arrangements, including game and league rules, expectations related to player behavior, team selection processes, tournaments, and the roles of coaches, team managers, and parents.

We expect our coaches to be positive and supportive of the long-term development of all players independent of skill level, age, or other personal characteristics. It is the goal of TC United that all kinds of youth soccer players can find a group that is skill- and age-appropriate for them to learn and enjoy soccer. This includes opportunities to play games that are appropriate for the player’s skill level.

TC United strongly believes that harsh language or aggressive gestures have no place in youth soccer. Coaches need to develop sufficient language and communication skills to explain their expectations without such intimidating behavior. While there are many ways to motivate young athletes, TC United believes that positive motivation through encouragement, attention, and clear goal setting leads to the best long-term outcomes for young players.

TC United is inclusive and intends to provide soccer opportunities for kids of all family backgrounds independent of income or other characteristics. Coaches are expected to support this goal by making arrangements for scholarship and communicating with TC United about the needs of families.

TC United may also hire additional coaches to expand opportunities to play recreational fun-oriented community soccer all year round. The goal of this service is to make it easier for young players to start playing and potentially switch to competitive soccer later on, and to make it more feasible for all players to continue to play for fun even if the player has no (longer) interest in competitive soccer.

Team managers

Team managers are parent volunteers who assist coaches in coordinating soccer activities and communicating with players and their families. They need to be available to communicate changes in practice and game times and locations in a timely manner, attempting to minimize the confusion and frustration of families when schedules inevitably change.

Team managers are responsible for collecting registration lists from coaches and uploading these to the shared online repositories (google sheets and dropbox). It is team managers’ responsibility also to make sure all families know how to register with both TC United and their coach (through Waza). Without registration with TC United, players cannot be rostered in leagues or tournaments, and they will not be insured.

When new players are added late, team managers need to get all of the above information 7 days before the first game in which the player is expected to play. If less than 7 days, TC United registrar doesn’t guarantee the rosters will be ready and the added player included, or that a player pass will be available.

Board members

TC United board consist of player parents who provide oversight and guidance to the president, treasurer, and registrar regarding how to operate and operationalize our mission. The board meets approximately monthly and connects the parents’ perspective with the practicalities and resource constraints of the club through a constructive discussion and debate.

President (currently Caroline Borden)

TC United president “shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Club, shall preside at all meetings and shall oversee the daily operation and running of the Club.” (TC United bylaws 2013)

Vice President (currently Tammy Pettit-David)

VP assists the club president in preparing decisions, communicating with NYSWYSA officials, and maintaining the status of the club in the NYSW region. VP “shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence. He/she shall perform such other duties as are usual to the office or as requested by the President.” (TC United bylaws 2013)

Treasurer (currently Katie Stettler)

The treasurer “shall collect all dues and registration fees, shall be responsible for the deposits of all monies of the Club in a bank account authorized by the Executive Board, shall keep detailed accounts of the income and expenditures of the Club, shall submit monthly reports at each regular meeting and shall pay all bills approved by the Club. The Treasurer shall be bonded unless this requirement is waived by the Club, and shall also be responsible for insurance coverage.” (TC United bylaws 2013)

Secretary (currently Melissa Enns)

“The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings, keep records of those present, and supervise and record correspondence other than invoices. He/she shall be responsible for past minutes and submit copies of the minutes of all Board meetings to the Board members before the next meeting. Board minutes will be available to members of the Club, after being accepted by the Board. Minutes of membership meetings will be made available to the membership after approval by the Board. All minutes and changes must be dated and housed for a minimum of two (2) years.

The Secretary shall be responsible for the duties of the Registrar (e.g., processing player registrations, distribution of team rosters and player passes, oversight of Risk Management Passes) and may, at his or her discretion and with approval by the majority of the Board, appoint an assistant to act as Registrar (a non-board position). The Secretary shall maintain a copy of current Bylaws at all meetings.” (TC United bylaws 2013)

Registrar (currently Aija Leiponen & Christine Montague)

TC United registration consists of maintaining a facility ( for club registration which provides insurance and access to official rosters. Registrar works in close cooperation with coaches and team managers to create and maintain official league and tournament rosters and generate player passes for spring leagues and tournaments.

Field coordinator (currently Matt Klemm)

Field coordinator makes sure the Grantchester fields are improved and maintained (spring upkeep, fertilization, mowing, line painting) throughout the outdoor season. Field coordinator also works with coaches to coordinate practice times and games.

Website and community manager (Kevin Packard)

We are seeking a community manager who will both support marketing and communications (especially website), foster community spirit, and coordinate fundraising activities.