Our Mission

The TC United Soccer Club aspires to providing quality soccer for everyone. Young children develop their skills in our recreational training programs (where we continue to partner with local municipal recreational programs). Our travel teams play in nearby soccer leagues and are open to all. Our select premier teams expect to compete at the highest levels in Western New York. And because Tompkins County has fewer players compared to more metropolitan areas, we hope to partner with teams and coaches from other nearby clubs to make sure that every player in our area, no matter how talented he or she may be, will be able to find suitable training and playing opportunities locally.

Our professional coaches are licensed and experienced, and have themselves played at the collegiate, national, and professional levels. Plus, we have a great group of parent coaches who we mentor as needed to ensure that they offer quality training for their teams. With their support, all families can find the level of soccer that suits their child (and their budget) best.

Every club member is of equal value. From the ODP player trying for a college scholarship to the one-season recreational player who just wants to kick a ball around. TC United Soccer Club is here to help all players achieve their goals in this, the world's favorite sport. 

TC United offers kids a competitive and fun approach to soccer.
— Ithaca Parent U12 Girls